The Unexpected Journey 

Several times on this blog, we will discuss tips and suggestions to help you plan out your next vacation. Usually, you have weeks or even months to plan that perfect vacation, but what about those unexpected trips that come up?

Sometimes, we find out about a trip we need to take at the last minute and those are usually not trips for relaxation. The trips I’m talking about are when we go out of town for a family emergency. Continue reading “The Unexpected Journey “

Buddy Pass Manners

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who works for an airline, you may score a buddy pass now and then (lucky you!)  Buddy Passes are airline slang for discounted tickets that are normally only available for employees and their friends or family.  They are usually (but not always) much cheaper than regular fares, but they are STANDBY tickets, which means you only get on the airplane if there’s an empty seat for you.  If the plane is full, you don’t get on.

Obviously, buddy passes aren’t for people who need to get somewhere by a deadline.  In that case, just buy a regular ticket.  On the other hand, if your travel is flexible, it’s a great deal.

However, you don’t want to ruin your friendship (and buddy pass connection) by blowing it at the gate.  Here are some basic rules for travelling on a Buddy Pass.  We’ll call them “Buddy Pass Manners.” Continue reading “Buddy Pass Manners”