TripIt Pro: Like a Helping Hand for Travel

Other than a representation of the world’s oldest cell phone (pane three), Tripit tracks your trips and helps you organize your life.

There’s enough you have to keep track of when traveling.

  • What gate are we flying out of?
  • Am I boarding at 4:20 or is the plane leaving then?
  • What is the address to the hotel?
  • Did I rent from Hertz or Enterprise this time?

Tripit has been around for a while and seasoned road warriors (and their admins) love it.

Install the app, create an account, and give it access to your email accounts and then any itineraries that it notices from flights to tickets to Hearst Castle show up simply with fairly intuitive set-it-and-forget-it ease.

Occasionally, if your trip is fairly complicated, or you are traveling by car to one place and plane to another, you will run into problems with it sorting your itineraries automatically, but it often will recognize when you are traveling, what cities you will be in, and label your trips accordingly.


  • Get the mobile app! (Do you compute any other way?)
  • The app will suggest your rental car times based on your flight arrivals, but you may need to take a minute to manually edit your hotel check-in/check-out times since the app automatically enters the hotel’s default times (which may not coincide with yours).
  • Need a confirmation number or supplier phone number or website? Go to the entry in the app! Long-pressing the number or link you’re looking for copies it to your clipboard so you can easily text it to someone or make note of it elsewhere. Make a call to the hotel to guarantee late arrival? Of course, just tap the number from your phone and you’re dialing in no time!
  • You can allow the tool to alert connections on LinkedIN or Facebook when you will be in their neck of the woods for a meetup.  I personally do not enable this and do not recommend it for security reasons, but if you’re a globetrotting jetsetter anyway, or you have a housesitter (or german shephard) at home, then share away and enjoy your trips with friends or long-lost colleagues!
  • marketing-feature-pointtracker.png
    TripIt Pro includes a point tracking service

    Buy the pro service if you will travel more than three or four times in a year.  The annual $49 (less than a few extra bags) gets you various perks such as flight alerts, delay or gate change notifications, alterate flight lookup (should sleeping in the Detroit airport seem less-than-ideal thanks to mother nature) and alerts to possible fare refunds. The pro service also tracks your miles and points for 150 airlines, hotels, rental cars and more. Nice.

  • Subscribe to your automatic trip calendar using their ical subscription. Lifehacker AU notes how awesome this is to add to your google calendar (or whatever else you may use) and have your trip notifications automagically right in front of your face. Boom! (more help? See their help file here)
  • tripitwatch.pngDoes your company use Concur expense report management? If so, TripIt Pro or TripIt for Teams may already be a perk you’re eligible for!
  • Got an apple watch? Yeah, I can’t tell you how awesome to have these location and time-aware details right on your wrist.



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