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Like Russell said from the movie Up, “Adventure is out there!” and from an early age, our family has been touched and changed by this irresistible urge to explore.

Whether it was going on work trips with our father or watching slides of the exotic places our grandparents had traveled, the sights and sounds of the world have always enthralled us and growing up in a family with six children meant every day was an adventure.

Now we’re all grown up with families of our own and this blog captures all of our family adventures from trips across town to across oceans. Trips alone to trips with a gaggle of kids in tow and the best part is, we’re doing it together.  So hopefully, our experiences will help inspire your next great adventure.

Enjoy the Wonderful!

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Welcome to Wunderings!


Disneyland Without Kids

Sure, Disneyland is a great place for families. But now that my kids are older and my husband and I have been able to explore destinations like this without the kids, I have to tell you: it’s an entirely different (and wonderful) experience. After many, many visits to the park, here are my top five recommendations on how to do Disneyland without the kids.